Connecting your shipments to ensure product integrity during transportation and to optimize your future shipments

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Easily Connect, Ensure & Improve your product shipments.

By collecting, structuring and analysing logistics- and sensor-related data,
we provide you with operational and strategic intelligence through the BRiGHTiNTEL platform,
helping you to streamline and protect your products being shipped.

Gain shipment insight

Gain direct shipment insight

  • Provides full shipment transparency
    • Data is automatically updated in close to real-time.
    • All transport modes are supported.
  • Locate your shipment instantaneously
    • GPS data is constantly monitored
  • Determine your current shipment status
    • Sensor data is constantly monitored.
  • Instruct your service partners to manage shipment dwell time locations or excursions
Review detailed reports

Automated, full detail, shipment reports

  • Ensures product quality during transportation
  • Provides detailed sensor and position information per shipment
    • One shipment report is created per monitored shipment.
    • Sensor thresholds are defined per shipment.
    • The report is reviewed online with interactive maps and charts.
    • Data is updated automatically along the shipment.
    • Reports can be commented and shared with people having interest in a
      particular shipment.
  • Understand where, when and what happened along the route
    • Determine excursions per sensor type
    • Determine excursion location & duration per sensor type
    • Determine geographical area transits
    • Identify dwell locations
Manage excursions proactively

Proactive excursion management

  • Act proactively, prior excursion occurs
    • Automatic notifications are set-up per shipment
    • Geofences are defined around high-risk areas or routes
  • In the event of an excursion, act directly
    • Sensor-based
    • Lead-time and/or dwell-time based
  • Automatically push notification alerts to concerned people
    • Sensor and position information is provided per excursion
  • Prepare resources of potential product damage
Manage claims

Improve your claim management

  • Face claims with clear documentation
  • Provides possibility to be transparent with data
    • Sensor, position and threshold data is merged into charts to
      provide a full picture
    • Charts present data compared with defined thresholds and
      geographical locations
  • Understand challenges jointly
    • The time, position and duration of each excursion is registered
    • With position data it is possible to automatically present where
      in the supply chain any excursion has occurred
  • Co-operate to overcome challenges and improve
Analyze your shipments

Shipment data analytics

  • Gain deeper understanding of your total shipment performance
  • Identify bottlenecks and patterns in lead time & dwell locations
  • Adjust and improve on relevant areas
  • Compare and identify effects of made changes
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About Us

We believe that the automated collection, visualization and processing of data from connected devices such as containers, vehicles and products during transportation contribute to more qualitative, effective and profitable operations for our customers.

By not only automatically and continuously monitoring products and assets, but also structuring and analysing the collected data, our solution BRiGHTiNTEL helps our customers to meet increased supply chain-related demands and to understand how products and assets are handled during transport.

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